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Introducing Davy Jones!

davy jones

He is a little male Pacific or Celestial Parrotlet (Forpus coelestis). Only 4 1/2 inches long.

They originate in Northwest Peru and Western Ecuador and are no longer imported from the wild to the United States.

When studying about the breed I found that they can be feisty, bold, fearless in nature, that belies their tiny size. Clownish, determined mischievous and strong-willed with the behavior of a large parrot.  Instead of choosing a color mutation I chose the natural green color, olive green with a cobalt blue streak of feathers extending from the eye as well as cobalt blue rump and wings. I think that the true wild color is as beautiful as any of the mutations.

This is exactly what I wanted and I am not disappointed. Because of the description of these lively little parrotlets I decided to name him Captain Davy Jones, after the feared fictional ghost villain character in the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean.

davy jones parrotletI have already been warned from the breeder that caution must be advised regarding his interaction with my cockatiels, particularly when he becomes mature enough to breed.With no regard to his little pint-size he already has decided that the cockatiels are inferior and if they hiss at him he makes up for that by chasing them off their own cage! He has proved that I will always have to supervise closely when I have the cockatiels out at the same time as him. His name suits him well !!

I purchased him from Christine Bradley, a breeder from Frederick Maryland. (The Feathered Coop). She did a wonderful job hand raising him.I purchased him at 7 weeks old, which is a perfect time for the little guy to bond with his new owner.

Besides the seed and pellet mix the breeder told me to feed, he was quick to try fresh spinach, carrots, peas, cantaloupe, mangoes, rice chex and a variety of dried soaked beans.

He has settled in wonderfully. He is a delightful little bird that is intelligent, playful and affectionate. He's a bundle of energy and loves to spend time swinging, climbing and playing with his toys, but his favorite time is spent with me outside his cage. He knows step up and also how to jump from my one hand to the other. He makes a delightful little chirp noise when he is happy and he already has me under his skin!