ticketyboo dogs

Two Step

I own a Hot Dog Stand in front of a Home Depot. I'm always having to chase the Sparrows and Starlings away. I sell a good portion of French Fries and whenever a customer drops one there is always a bird to gobble it up.

This one day I had a different little bird come to my stand. He had a glossy sheen plumage of iridescent black. In close quarters you could see the colors change to,purple, blue or green depending on the light. He looked like a common Grackle but much smaller,about 8 inches in length and he also had a smaller beak.

He was doing as the rest of the birds,taking any fallen food he could get. This bird was different. When I would get a customer the other birds would fly off. This little bird showed a lot of courage and would just take two steps out of the way and continue to wait for a morsel. Of course I named him Two-Step.

I encouraged him to beg and in just that first day he started to fly up in my window and eat bread right out of my hand.Soon he would perch right on my hand.He came to my stand everyday and would stay all day. It wasn't long that he stopped coming. I often wonder what happened to that sweet little bird.