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Flora and Fauna: Wild Flowers
African Violets, Orchids, Fish Ponds

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wild flowers
Lesser celandine (ranunculus ficaria)

Even before winter is quite spent this cheery little yellow flower blooms in the woods near my house. With its star like blossoms and glossy foliage it makes a beautiful display. But be aware,this flower is very hardy and considered invasive in Maryland.

It is not a native plant.The greatest impact of lesser celandine is on native spring-flowering plants. It emerges in advance of most native spring species, giving it a great competitive advantage.

Once established, it spreads rapidly across the forest floor to form a blanket of leaves which native species are unable to penetrate. It was introduced to the United States as a ornamental plant and its benifits as a herb. It is distributed throughout Europe, Asia and North Africa.

Click here for a poem written about this beautiful wild flower by William Wordsworth.

Beautiful wild flowers growing in the woods near my house.

wild flowers

Spring Beauty ( claytonia virginica)

A native to the U.S ,this little wildflower is an early spring bloomer.
It can bloom from Feb -May . It has pale pink flowers,
the petals are pale pink with darker pink veins. It is a showy delicate
flower and blooms for a long time. It is so pretty in a naturalized setting.
This little beauty is listed as endangered in Massachuchusetts
and New Jersey and is protected in Rhode Island.

Trout Lily (Erythronium americanum)
Lily Family (liliaceae) Bloom: Early Spring
Propagation: Seed, Offsets
Habitat: rich woodlands and meadows. Native Perennial
Aka: Adder's Tongue, Dog-tooth Violet

trout lilly

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